We enjoyed a delightful one-night stay at Cooks and Puppies Hideaway on August 4, 2022. We were enroute to Yukon so the location along the Cassiar highway was really convenient. My husband, Neil had made the booking, so I did not know what to expect. We arrived to find a wagon ready for us to use to transport our luggage to the cabin and we settled into the most luxurious space imaginable. I went for a (very brief) swim in Cooks Lake and was relieved to find the shower had lots of hot water available for warming up afterward. Kristy arrived with our dinner promptly at 6pm. Moose Bourguignon, mashed potatoes, a crisp greens and veggie salad with homemade ranch dressing and a loaf of still warm, freshly baked bread! Delicious. It was quiet and peaceful, and our only regret was that we were only staying for one night. We will definitely be back. 5-star accommodation in the wilderness